Bold predictions for the Chicago Bears 2023 season

The Chicago Bears are gearing up for the second year of their rebuilding efforts. Things went more or less as planned last season. They emptied the roster of all expensive veterans, stockpiled draft picks, freed up cap space, and stocked up. This earned them the overall top pick, which led to a lucrative trade that allowed them to accumulate even more assets. Suddenly, this new roster feels young, fresh, and brimming with potential. It allows you to dream of all kinds of possibilities.

We can reasonably guess what will happen this season. The run defense will be better. Their receiving body will far exceed last year’s version. Rather than dwell on these topics, it’s time to be a little bolder. Here are some predictions for what will happen in the coming months.

Chicago Bears add rusher pass via trade AND free agency.

General manager Ryan Poles has done a phenomenal job of strengthening nearly every area of ​​his defense this offseason. He added a lot of depth at defensive tackle, two great linebackers, and even boosted their overall talent and depth in the secondary. The one area he failed to help was edge rushing. Trevis Gipson and Dominique Robinson still look like projected starters. Not ideal. Well, the good news is that the Poles still have time to change that. He also has the resources. Not only will he trade assists, but he’ll also double down on signing a veteran. Chase Young and Frank Clark are a perfectly logical combo. Young appears to be on the back foot in Washington. His youth and potential are classic targets for the Poles. Clark has the necessary veteran presence that this team could use as well.

Justin Fields throws for 30 touchdowns.

Everyone is obsessed with how many yards the Bears quarterback will throw because the number of passes determines how good he will be. Nonsense aside, the truth is that you win games by scoring points. Fields doesn’t need to throw 4,000 meters every year. His mobility will always lead to high totals on the ground. His biggest leap will come in the touchdown department, as his new supporting cast allows him to find the end zone much more often. He would become the first Bears quarterback in franchise history to complete 30 touchdown passes in a season.

Terell Smith takes over Tyrique Stevenson.

Not only did the Bears take Stevenson in the 2nd round, they traded for him. This automatically makes it look like he’s a lock to start alongside Jaylon Johnson and Kyler Gordon. However, Smith is already making noise in practice. His talent is not far off Stevenson’s, and he has the advantage of a much better tape when playing in a coverage area. Stevenson is excellent in man situations but has been burned an uncomfortable number of times in the zone. Smith would use this to seize the opportunity in training camp, earning enough trust from the coaches to land the starting job.

The new offensive line allows less than 35 sacks.

Pole has made it his mission to improve the Chicago Bears offensive line this season, knowing how badly Fields was beaten last year. His approach is easy to appreciate. He replaced the entire right side of the line with veteran guard Nate Davis and 1st-round right tackle Darnell Wright. Their arrival allows Teven Jenkins, their best goalkeeper of last season, to take over on the left side while Cody Whitehair moves back to the center. You could argue that the Bears are improving four of their five positions up front. That’s why the line will work much better in 2023, especially the crossing protection. They allowed 58 bags last year. Expect that number to drop below 35 by the end of the season.

Tyler Scott surpasses Chase Claypool.

On the one hand, fans will hate this. That means the 2nd-round pick the Bears gave up for Claypool was ultimately unsuccessful. On the other hand, it’s great news because it means the Poles have found themselves a hidden gem in Scott. Cincinnati’s 4th round pick has a lot of traits to love. He is extremely fast, gets great release from the snap and displays strong hands. The Poles compared him to Tyler Lockett. Thanks to its large vertical capacity, it is ideal for Fields. Their connection will blossom immediately in training camp and evolve over the course of the season. Claypool, a victim of relying too much on his raw talent, will be left behind.

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