BMW Golf Trophy-i. The Altitude group accelerates on the greens

Text: Morgan Couturier – Backed by extensive golfing experience, the Altitude group has undertaken the creation of its own golf tournament, called Pro AM Altitude – BMW Golf Troph-i. Organized over five dates, the event is already enjoying a certain enthusiasm, like the stage developed around the Lyon Salvagny Golf Club.

In golf, starting well is often a source of confidence, a first step towards a thrilling scorecard. A point that the 88 players of the Lyon Salvagny Golf Club can only confirm, while between bonhomie and conviviality, all were secretly aiming for a good place in the standings.

Altitude BMW

A way of writing its name, at the top of the first edition of the Pro AM Altitude – BMW Golf Troph-i, while reassuring the Altitude group on the merits of the creation of this golf competition. Again, the first shot was well placed, precise, to the point of satisfying all the participants.

And if the Mini Electric and Countryman, as well as the BMW X1 and Series 4 Gran Coupé helped to sublimate this event, while bringing a surplus of notoriety to the brand, all were unanimous, the Pro AM Altitude – BMW Golf Troph-i must persist, to the point of settling into the fold of regular golf competitions.

BMW Altitude Mini

Especially since at the Lyon Salvagny Golf Club, as on the dates of the golf courses of Lyon Verger, Mionnay, Macon or Savigneux, many amateurs appreciated the possibility of driver or putter on the advice of professionals. A major asset to perform. And make the success of this appointment.

Friday, May 5, 2023
Golf of Lyon Salvagny

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