Formule 1 | Wolff espère mais ne sait toujours pas si Hamilton reviendra en F1

On the occasion of his 50th birthday, the boss of Mercedes F1 spoke again in the media, for the first time since the holidays this winter.

Of course, Toto Wolff returned to the possible retirement of Lewis Hamilton following the controversy in Abu Dhabi. He confirms that “this risk still exists” and was keen to stress what a damning effect it would have on Formula 1 if Lewis Hamilton decides not to race in 2022.

“I really hope we see him again in F1. He is the most important part of our sport,” also indicates the Austrian.

“It would be a resounding failure for the whole of Formula 1 if the best driver decides to quit because of outrageous decisions.”

When asked when he would see Hamilton in person again, Wolff replied: “February at the latest – and certainly not to drink tequila. I’ve had enough in Abu Dhabi.”

Mercedes F1 did not follow up on the intention to appeal, was it ultimately the right decision, shouldn’t it have been necessary to continue to put pressure on the FIA ​​for answers? Wolff kicks in touch but waits “eagerly” the conclusions of the investigation while emphasizing that “It will never be forgotten, what happened to Lewis was just terrible.”

“That day he was unbeatable, until the stewards blew a fuse and decided the final result with three rule breaches. It’s hard to understand.”

“It will always stay with us, even though Max Verstappen is a worthy world champion if you consider the season. But on that day one was better than the other – and he didn’t win.”

Wolff has however confirmed that Mercedes F1 will return in 2022 “to give the right answers on the track, which will be quite difficult with the new regulations because everyone is starting from zero.”

With Hamilton? Wolff hopes so, even believes in it.

“No matter what obstacles stood in his way, he knew all his life that he had to speak on the track. But it’s incredibly hard for him to imagine right now. Until he finds the reasons to keep going. It just takes time. I believe in it.”

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