« Quitter le navire ? Impossible », répond Koscielny à sa direction

« Quitter le navire ? Impossible », répond Koscielny à sa direction

His response was eagerly awaited. She arrived quickly. And it is clear, crisp and precise. Less than 48 hours after the announcement of the management of the Girondins de Bordeaux to want to separate from him, Laurent Koscielny speaks in
The team this Thursday. The defender and captain of the club admits to being “in shock at the revelations” and having received “a good fist in the face” with this decision.

Despite this, the former French international affirms that he does not intend to abandon the club in the open countryside: “Leave the ship? Impossible. In any case, not in this way. I want to fight for the team to get the maintenance as quickly as possible. Laurent Koscielny says he understands the problem around his contract but recalls in passing that he has already made financial efforts with the old management or last August with the new one.

He “really has the balls”

He also returns to the three criticisms made by the management of the Girondins. If he recognizes sawtooth sports performances in recent months while insisting on his injuries, he defends himself from a lack of leadership in the locker room and alleged problems of hygiene of life: “It is because I love wine? Of course I love wine, I am in a wine region, so I can have moments with my family where we taste good wine. I fully assume. “Nothing shocking for anyone except perhaps for the staff of Vladimir Petkovic who banned alcohol at the start of the season during team meals or after meetings.

Laurent Koscielny does not seem ready to leave the Girondins immediately even if he “really has the balls” according to a close friend of the club. He still leaves the door half-open, asserting that he “will take the best solution for everyone”. In the meantime, he continues to train with the professional workforce and remains at the disposal of his coach for the next match against Rennes, Sunday (1 p.m.).

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