Nicolas Anelka et Patrice Evra donnent leur version du “problème” Yoann Gourcuff en Equipe de France : “Tout le monde voulait sa peau”

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On RMC, Nicolas anelka tried to explain what the problem was with the former Girondins de Bordeaux midfielder, Yoann Gourcuff, when they were with him in the France team, especially during the Knysna fiasco. We start with the former striker of the Blues.

“I remember a situation with Pierre Mankowski. Pat (Evra) asks Pierre what’s going on with Yo. You see how he is in terms of his character, he is withdrawn. On the ground it was difficult. And Monkovsky’s answer is that he has difficulties because he has the legitimacy to replace Zidane, but he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders, and because of that he can’t do it. […] We made a legend about the fact that Franck Ribéry hit or threatened Yoann Gourcuff, and that’s not true. The problem I have with Yoann on this thing is that he never denied it. When you are a man, you have a minimum of respect for yourself. You deny! Don’t let yourself be victimized! He never did”.

Patrice Evra precise.

“At that time, everyone wanted his skin. There were lots of lies… They said that the scum terrorized him… I went to see him, I told him ‘but Franck (Ribéry), he never spoke badly to you. Go, speak!’. He let people say, but because behind it was calculated! The truth is that it was worked. The instruction was to stay back: ‘in any case, it’s going to hit the scum, and you the little French…’. That’s what disappointed me. I was just defending him. We needed him. But he was just losing the balls because he was under too much pressure. Thierry (Henry) told him ‘you know, Manchester City is interested in you, you should go to a big club’. And he replied with a very soft voice ‘no, I haven’t reached the level yet’. All the guys hear this guy talk like that, I defend him, they think there’s something wrong. In addition, the worst thing is that when I went to see Raymond (Domenech), I told him that there was a problem, that we had to play with two attackers, because Nico (Anelka ) needed support. The coach says ‘Pat, you want to cut off the lamb’s head, I’m going to cut off his head, he won’t play tomorrow’. I didn’t come for that. There are players who told me to go see the coach so that he no longer plays, but I told them that they were sick… It’s not my role. It was Raymond who cut off his head! But when he wasn’t playing afterwards, he was with Gignac, they were laughing on the bus… I told him ‘Yo, do you realize, tomorrow you’re not playing, when you’re a phenomenon, and you think that’s normal? ‘. He replies ‘no, but you know, Pat, I’m under too much pressure, I can’t play, I prefer not to play, I’m better off this way, I feel happier’”.

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