La réconciliation entre Évra et Rothen après la grosse brouille lors de PSG-Manchester United

Guest of Rothen ignites, Thursday on RMC, Patrice Évra recorded his reconciliation with Jérôme Rothen. The two men fell out in 2019, following insulting videos from the Manchester United defender towards PSG and his former AS Monaco teammate. “I apologized,” said the former captain of the Blues today.

The hatchet is buried. In the cold after a virulent pass of arms following the PSG-Manchester United match in 2019, Patrice Évra and Jérôme Rothen made peace. The two ex-footballers recorded their reconciliation on RMC, Thursday in the show Rothen ignites.

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“I apologized and I will apologize to his parents. I will take their number, because Jérôme knows how much I love his father and I respect him. It’s in the past,” says Patrice Évra, who had words very harsh insults to his former AS Monaco teammate.

“I have always appreciated Jérôme and his outspokenness, even though many have already told me that Jérôme was this or that. If he has something to say to you, he says it to your face. He never told me. not called for a problem with the wrong number. (…) We had this confusion, but he will remain in my heart and that’s the main thing. We love, we joke around and we make jokes but we respect each other . This is the most important”, says the former Manchester United defender and captain of the France team, who publishes his autobiography in French I love this game published by Hugo Sport.

A misunderstanding at the origin of this estrangement?

In March 2019, during the incredible elimination of Paris Saint-Germain against Manchester United in the knockout stages of the Champions League, Patrice Évra was filmed in the stands of the Parc des Princes. He had profusely insulted the capital club and its players in a video posted on social networks, so much so that an investigation had been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office for homophobic insults.

Dissatisfied with the behavior of his former partner on the left side, Jérôme Rothen had strongly criticized him on the antenna of RMC. Which had led to the outrageous response from Patrice Évra. Jérôme Rothen then filed a complaint for threats and insults.

Today, Patrice Évra explains that this whole conflict starts from a misunderstanding. He assures that his attitude in the stadium was in fact a response to a French minister, also a spectator of the meeting: “He chambered us the whole match. (…) I remember that several times Paul Pogba tried to answer him and that I told him to wait until the end of the match, because I felt that we were going to pass. There you go. Afterwards, I made this video and I purposely did not film the minister well. I do not wanted because he is complaining about having been filmed without his knowledge. I shouted ‘This is Manchester!’ because I was answering him”.

“In Monaco, he was the king”

“Jérôme knows me. He knows that if you give me a little, it ignites me and I leave right away. In addition, he is someone I respect. Because as I say in a video, we ate from the same plate. There, that hurt me”, also confides Patrice Évra, unhappy at the time that Jérôme Rothen said “the other” to designate and criticize him.

The relationship now warmed up, Patrice Évra took advantage of his time on RMC to remember the “good times” spent with Jérôme Rothen at AS Monaco from 2002 to 2004: “On the ground, we got confused when I made a bad touch… But that’s what I liked about him. I don’t like people who talk behind your back. Jérôme was direct. Everything I say in the book is the Jérôme I know. (…) He did one stupid thing, it was to go to PSG. He made a choice from the heart, he had this enormous desire to sign for Paris Saint-Germain. But in Monaco, it was the king. Everyone adored and adulated him. It was Jerome Rothen!”

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