grâce à Toko Ekambi et Aboubakar, les Lions indomptables se propulsent en 8es

grâce à Toko Ekambi et Aboubakar, les Lions indomptables se propulsent en 8es

Cameroon wins 4 to 1 and validates its ticket for the 8th!

Stunning, Cameroon overcame Ethiopians who were attractive at first but who exploded in the second half, with in particular the double of Vincent Aboubakar and Lyonnais Karl Toko Ekambi. With two successes in as many games, the host country is the first selection to qualify for the round of 16 of the competition even before its last match in Pool A.

The post for Fai! (4-1)

The very good right-back could have seen his huge performance punctuated by a goal, but his attempt from outside the area, while sliding, fails on Shanko’s post!

Additional time

Three additional minutes are announced by the fourth referee.

The big opportunity for the Walyas! (4-1)

Guilty loss of ball by Oyongo, who has the ball stolen on the right. The center that follows navigates dangerously in the Cameroonian area, before taking advantage of Meleyo at the far post who shoots above the bar!

The recovery for Hongla!! (4-1)

Corner for Cameroon, hit on the right. The ball arrives in the area for Castelletto, who puts the chest back for Hongla. The Cameroonian midfielder triggers a violent recovery that passes just above the skylight!!

Léa-Siliki was able to resume

The former Rennais finally returned to the lawn after his big scare. Meanwhile, the best scorer of the Ethiopian selection Kebede replaces Gebremichael.

Double change for Cameroon, which rotates

Under the ovation of Yaoundé, Aboubakar is replaced by Angevin Bahoken. The Montpellier Oyongo takes the place of Tolo.

Concern for Léa-Siliki?

Léa-Siliki remains on the ground for a long time, very awkwardly tackled by Ahmed. The new entrant must leave the field on a stretcher.

Three changes for Ethiopia

Shemekit takes the place of striker Dawa, Mesud comes out for Melayu and Reshid takes the place of Yesuf.

The post for Zambo Anguissa… but offside

Disorganized, Ethiopia is exploding, now behind the street where Cameroonians have fun. Zango Anguissa hits the post hard, but is flagged in an illegal position afterwards.

Double change for Cameroon

Former OM Njie takes the place of Ngamaleu, decisive passer. The Lensois Ganago second him Toko Ekambi, double scorer today.


The Lyonnais carries out a small festival in the surface, launched in depth on the left. Toko Ekambi eliminates two opponents with a striking hook, and finishes the job with a low shot at the near post!!

Onana reassuring behind

If he does not play much with Ajax since his sanction for doping, Onana is very reassuring in front of his line. He has allowed his selection not to concede a second goal so far, and is important in his ball catches.

Toko Ekambi still threatening! (3-1)

The Lyonnais is launched on the left in the area and quickly connects a control then a cross shot. Shanko is on the trajectory! Even if Toko Ekambi seemed offside at the start, not reported…

Indomitable Lions take their time

Onana is called to order by the referee, who tells him he’s taking too long to clear. The yellow card is not far for the goalkeeper of Ajax Amsterdam.

Léa-Siliki quickly in evidence

Barely entered, Léa-Siliki has a great opportunity after a good job by Toko Ekambi. The former Rennais takes his chance from the left in front of the area, his attempt is countered.

Choupo-Moting is replaced

While Aboubakar has just scored his second double in two games in this CAN, Choupo-Moting gives way to Léa-Siliki.


Cameroon offers the break in two minutes, with a new goal from Aboubakar in fox surfaces. The Cameroonian striker throws himself on a center of Ngamaleu, and scores a double at close range !!


Fai once again made the difference in his lane, and sent a perfect cross from the right to the penalty spot. Aboubakar has the latitude to adjust his head, which deceives the opposing goalkeeper after rebound !!

The still amazing Walyas

The Ethiopians offer a new very interesting offensive, with good movements and quality sequences. Dawa is finally shifted to the left, but his uncontrolled strike flies away.

What an intervention from Shanko!! (1-1)

The Walya are totally unbalanced and Choupo-Moting has a boulevard on the right. His pass to the axis in the box should allow Aboubakar to score, but Shanko makes a very daring tackle in the attacker’s feet, which saves his team!

Shanko wins in the air

Onana extends the game to the left towards Toko Ekambi. The Lyonnais accelerates and manages to get on his right foot to center. Shanko leaves his line well to capture in the air.

It’s back to Yaoundé! (1-1)

A change to the Ethiopian side break, with the entry of Firew instead of Dagnachew, yet very dangerous in the first act. Maybe a physical glitch?

It’s the break in Yaoundé! (1-1)

Surprised at the outset by the quick goal from Dawa (5th), Cameroon was able to react quickly thanks to Karl Toko Ekambi on a corner (8th). The Lyonnais found the amount of a new whim (39th), but the Indomitable Lions are far from being serene against Walya biting at the slightest opportunity, and regularly dangerous (23rd, 25th, 45th + 1).

Onana defeats Dagnachew

Onana is solid on a heavy strike from Dagnachew launched from outside the box. The floating shot is repelled by the Cameroonian goalkeeper at the cost of a good dive.

Additional time

One minute of extra time is announced by the fourth referee.

Corner for nothing for Ethiopians

The Walya get the first corner before the break. Dagnachew plays indirectly on a partner behind, but the ball is quickly recovered by an opponent.


If Ethiopia has already won the CAN once in 1962, the selection had to be satisfied with the preliminary round or the group stage (2013) in recent years.

The transversal for Toko Ekambi !! (1-1)

After a huge intervention from Tamene in his area, the corner that follows is played on the left by Ngamaleu. Toko Ekambi imposes a header in the box and propels the ball over the bar!

Ngamaleu is too imprecise

Fai strikes again on the right and forces the defense to clear for a corner. Ngamaleu badly negotiates the set piece that follows. Cameroon wastes cartridges.

Castelletto on corner

First corner of this meeting, it is for Cameroon. Ngamaleu crosses to the right towards the far post, Castelletto manages to resume off balance. It’s harmless.

Goal disallowed in Cameroon!

Ngamaleu pushes the ball in the back on a serve at the far post from Toko Ekambi. But the lane player left much too early at the start of the ball, he is logically deprived of this goal.

Do better padlocked

The host country’s game still leans considerably to the right. The Walya defend a little better against Fai, who has less freedom.

Red was not far away for Dagnachew

Dagnachew commits another sanctionable foul, on Toko Ekambi this time. The Ethiopian must beware, he has already been warned.

The huge double opportunity for the Walya!! (1-1)

Another huge situation for the Ethiopians, who take advantage of the speed of Gebremichael on the right. This one takes the best of his opponent and strikes cross, Onana kicks back! The ball returns to Dawa who misses his recovery at the penalty spot!

The Walya are dangerous again! (1-1)

The Cameroonians leave too much leeway to their opponents once the median line has been crossed. Nassir takes the opportunity to take his chance from outside the box, his attempt just misses!

The curious choice of Zambo Anguissa

Interesting free kick for Cameroon, struck on the left of the surface by Zambo Anguissa. The former Marseillais takes the shot directly, but completely misses his attempt. There was better to do.

The game is interrupted

Choupo-Moting’s right shoulder appears to have moved. The Bayern Munich player remains on the ground, and struggles to get up.

Fai is biting right

Fai is very offensive in his right lane, and makes good calls. His new center towards the second post is this time too long.

New yellow card distributed

Yellow card for Dagnachew, author of a nasty tackle on Ngamaleu. Already the third in this game.

Leos more at ease

After a complicated start, the Cameroonians now play with a little more serenity. The Cameroonian block is much higher.

Cameroonians did not really have time to doubt

What a start to the match in Yaoundé, where the Cameroonians were quick to react to avoid a period of doubts. The Lyonnais Toko Ekambi arrived at the best time to score his 6th goal in selection.


The Indomitable Lions recover quickly! Aboubakar unleashes a heavy strike repelled by Shanko on the left. Fai recovers and sends a perfect cross towards Toko Ekambi at the far post, who propels the ball to the bottom with a powerful head kick!

Cameroon still fragile, two yellow cards distributed

What a surprise in Yaoundé, where the arch-favorite is led. As against Burkina Faso, Cameroon was quickly surprised. Choupo-moting and Hongla received a yellow.

Ooooh, Cameroon surprised at the entrance!!! (0-1)

The Walyas make the difference at the very start of the match. There is a boulevard for Gebremichael on the right, which swallows spaces and crosses low to the ground. Dawa appears at the near post and cheats Onana!

Cameroonians in a hurry

The Walya are placed very high on the ground in these first moments, and do not hesitate to press the locals hard. Cameroon applies to him to start from behind with the ball at his feet.

Let’s go to Yaoundé! (0-0)

It is the Ethiopian Walya who kick off this match of the second day of the CAN 2022 group stage!

Make way for hymns!

The players enter the lawn of the Olembé stadium in Yaoundé, accompanied by the referee of the match, the Congolese Jean-Jacques Ndala Ngambo. The hymns ring out!

The Indomitable Lions first qualified for the 8th?

It is recalled that after its inaugural victory against Burkina Faso on Sunday, Cameroon can secure a place in the round of 16 in the event of another victory this Thursday. Under the eyes of local legend Samuel Eto’o, new president of the Cameroonian Federation, present in Yaoundé.

The compositions revealed, Choupo-Moting holder

Substitute at the start of the opening match, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting started with Cameroon to face Ethiopia. Karl Toko Ekambi is also present in the starting XI. Compared to the previous starting lineup, Pierre Kunde finds himself on the bench.

► Cameroon: Onana – Castelletto, Ngadeu, Tolo – Fai, Zambo Anguissa, Hongla, Ngamaleu – Choupo -Moting, Toko Ekambi, Aboubakar.

► Ethiopia: Shanko – Hamid, Tamene, Debebe, Yusef – Mohammed, Yohannes, Dagnachew – Gebremichael, Nasir, Hotessa.

Aboubakar, such a special method for penos

If Cameroon beat Burkina Faso in their first match, it was largely thanks to Vincent Aboubakar. Captain of the selection, the striker scored twice on two penalties. However, the one who now plays in Saudi Arabia has a method of his own to shoot them: do not look at the ball.

Avoid a new hiccup at the CAN

After several hiccups since the start of CAN 2022, the organizers are hoping for a good show for this match between Cameroon and Ethiopia.

Above all, all African football wants to avoid a new controversy similar to that of the Tunisia-Mali clash and its incredible final after an incredible refereeing error.

Hello everyone and welcome to RMC Sport for Cameroon-Ethiopia

After a close match, Cameroon beat Burkina Faso (2-1) at the start of CAN 2022. The Indomitable Lions are hoping for an easier duel against Ethiopia this Thursday in Yaoundé. But beware of the trap for the host country against an opponent who is playing his survival in the tournament after his inaugural defeat against Cape Verde (0-1).

The duel between Cameroon and the Walya of Ethiopia can be followed live with commentary on the RMC Sport website and app from 5 p.m.

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