Club : Pour une fois, Pochettino va vraiment avoir le temps de travailler

While the winter camp in Qatar has been postponed, PSG will only play three matches in the rest of January, with a week interval between each meeting, each at home. Enough to allow Mauricio Pochettino, the coach of the Parisian club, to really have time to work.

If the program of PSG in January could promise to be loaded with the famous winter tour initially planned in Qatar with a closing friendly match in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia between January 16 and 20, it was finally postponed due to the Covid-19 health crisis. A bad for the finances of the club even if the trip to the Middle East is for the moment only postponed, but a good at the sporting level since the next weeks of the Parisian club will therefore finally promise to be less dense, especially in terms of travel.

Meetings all at home in January

PSG will not dispute ” What “ three matches in the rest of January: against Brest (15/01) and Reims (23/01) in Ligue 1 then against Nice in the Coupe de France (31/01). Rarely to be underlined, these three meetings will each time be spaced out by a full week, a rather rare phenomenon at PSG. If this recently happened in December between PSG / Monaco (12/12) and Feignies-Aulnoye / PSG (19/12), it went back to August, at the very beginning of the season, to see the club from the capital have weeks at one game only.

The upcoming PSG calendar:

  • PSG / Brest on Saturday January 15 at 9 p.m. (21st day of Ligue 1)
  • PSG / Reims on Sunday 23 January at 8.45 p.m. (22nd day of Ligue 1)
  • PSG / Nice on Monday January 21 at 9.15 p.m. (Round of 16 of the Coupe de France)

A light schedule that will allow Mauricio Pochettino, the coach of the Parisian club, to really have time to work with several possible training sessions between each match, he who often emphasizes the fact of not having time to do it between meetings. Another point in his favor, all the matches in January will be played at home, at the Parc des Princes, which reduces the time lost traveling and avoids returning in the middle of the night on match nights.

Enough to allow Lionel Messi’s teammates to settle at Camp des Loges for several consecutive weeks, hoping that it will be felt (finally) on the ground.

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