Vaccination: do you need a booster dose even if you have had Covid-19 after two doses?

Vaccination: do you need a booster dose even if you have had Covid-19 after two doses?

Will some French people find themselves without a health or vaccination pass because of government communication problems? Again this Wednesday morning, the Minister of Health explained “that an infection corresponds to an injection” of the anti-Covid vaccine, even concerning the booster dose. People infected with Covid-19 “will not need a booster dose”, even said Olivier Véran. However, the truth is different: in all cases, the booster dose remains mandatory.

“We estimate that there are four million French people who came under the third injection and who, because they were contaminated, have in fact acquired the immunity which allows them to give validation for the vaccination pass”, explained Wednesday on France Info Olivier Véran. And the Minister of Health added: “We can see that there are a lot of cancellations on a daily basis in vaccination centers from people who were scheduled and who ultimately do not go (because they have or have had the Covid-19). “

Contacted by Le Parisien, the Directorate General of Health (DGS) wants to be very clear: “The booster dose concerns all people 18 years of age and over, and having a complete initial vaccination schedule. In other words: whether or not you had Covid-19 after the second dose does not change the need for a booster dose at all. It must be administered within seven months of the last injection to maintain the validity of the health pass or vaccination pass. This period will be reduced to four months from February 15. In effect since mid-December for those over 65, this rule will apply to all adults from Saturday January 15.

A little more time for the recently infected

However, having had Covid-19 has an impact on the administration of the first two doses. Thus, specifies to the Parisian DGS, “people who have already contracted Covid-19 can receive a single dose of vaccine”. Those who had Covid-19 within two weeks after the first dose “may not be given the second dose of vaccine”, adds the Health authority. It is therefore at this stage, only, that the principle “one infection = one injection” is in force.

What is however true is that people infected with Covid-19 have a little more time to take their booster dose and therefore have their pass deactivated. First, because they cannot be vaccinated within three months of their infection, but also because their positive test result allows them a “waiver” for six months. A 65-year-old month-old who received his second dose in May therefore had until January 15 to do his booster dose and keep his pass valid. However, if she had Covid-19 in December, she will not be able to take her third dose until March and can use her certificate of recovery until then.

According to the Ministry of Health, up to 800,000 people who have not had their Covid-19 vaccine booster risk having their health pass deactivated this Saturday. An overestimated number because the authorities explain that many of them have not yet added their positive test certificate. The vaccination pass should probably come into force next week: if it removes the principle of testing, it does provide an exemption for people recently positive for Covid-19.

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