La Guinée-Bissau s’endort contre le Soudan / CAN 2021 / Gr. D / Soudan-Guinée-Bissau (0-0) /

La Guinée-Bissau s’endort contre le Soudan / CAN 2021 / Gr. D / Soudan-Guinée-Bissau (0-0) /

Sudan 0-0 Guinea-Bissau

By the way, when is this CAN supposed to start?

One goal in three games. This is the meager nest egg that we had to make do with this Tuesday. After a very disappointing Algeria-Sierra Leone (0-0) and a hardly more exciting Nigeria-Egypt (1-0), the day ended with a very long overwhelming draw between Sudan and Guinea-Bissau (0 -0). To tell the truth, it was not until the last quarter of an hour to get a few chills and identify the great guy of the evening: Ali-Abdallah Abu-Eshrein. The Sudanese goalkeeper has admittedly conceded an avoidable penalty by mowing Steve Ambri. But he made up for it brilliantly by pushing back Pelé’s attempt (79e). And as the recovery of Piqueti, in the process, smashed the crossbar, the last bulwark of the Nile Crocodiles remained impassable.

Even if they had quickly taken matters in hand, evidenced by their rather interesting start to the match, the Bissau-Guineans gradually took a nosedive. Yet enterprising with the ball in his foot and available between the lines, Moreto Cassamá lost his influence over the course of the meeting, while Joseph Mendes may regret having seen his head ricochet off the post (16e) and that Mama Baldé did not have an opportunity to bite into it. Opposite, Sudan initially defended very low, then moved up a notch after the break, which considerably upset their opponent. On arrival, it is therefore a point in the bag of the troop of Burhan Tia.

To see the average goal increase, on the other hand, we understood that we would have to wait.

Sudan (4-4-2): Abu-Eshrein – Mustafa Elfadni, Nemer, Mustafa Karshom, Mazin Mohamedein – Abbas Omer (Musa, 90)e), Abdel Raman, Al Rasheed, Omer – Hamed (Nooh, 66e), Khidir. Breeder: Burhan Tia.

Guinea-Bissau (4-3-3): Gomis – Candé, Sanganté, Mané, Encada – Nogueira, Cassamá, Pelé (Camara, 85e) – Piqueti, Mendes (Mendy, 73e), Baldé (Ambri, 73e). Breeder: Baciro Candé.

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