La grille des salaires du Bayern Munich a explosé !

La grille des salaires du Bayern Munich a explosé !

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When it comes to the transfer window and its financial follies, the name of Bayern Munich is rarely associated with this discussion. Renowned for his model management and his ability to strengthen himself by snatching the best elements of his championship without breaking the bank, the Bavarian giant has very rarely flamed. As proof, only four years ago, the most expensive recruit in its history was Corentin Tolisso, snatched from Olympique Lyonnais for € 41 million. When we know that the same year PSG recruited Neymar (€ 22m) and Kylian Mbappé (loan + € 180m purchase option) for € 400m, the difference was striking.

But Bayern Munich were slowly forced to come to terms with this inevitable price inflation. Thus, they had to sign a check for 80 million euros to recruit Lucas Hernandez. A year later, the Munich residents put € 60 million on the table to repatriate Leroy Sané to Germany. And today, it is their salary scale that makes people talk across the Rhine.

Bayern prefer to give big contracts

In today’s edition, picture thus made the listing of the salary increases. The latest player in the process of extending his contract, Kingsley Coman should now receive € 17m per season. A hell of a raise. After Robert Lewandowski (20 M €), Manuel Neuer (18-20 M €), Joshua Kimmich (18-20 M €), Leroy Sané (17 M €), Thomas Müller (20 M €), Leon Goretzka (18 M €) €) and Lucas Hernandez (€ 13.5m), Coman will be the eighth player in the Bavarian squad to receive more than € 10m per year.

And it is not over since the German media adds that Serge Gnabry should join this club and receive € 10 million per season. Why such an increase? If some executives amply deserve their king’s salary, picture indicates that Bayern prefers to grant good contracts rather than parting with their stars, which, in their eyes, would imply more substantial investments. And today, only the case of David Alaba, a free party at Real Madrid a few months ago, is an exception.

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