Betclic ELITE 2023 playoff table

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Betclic ELITE – Here is the table of the 2023 Betclic ELITE playoffs which will start this Saturday, May 20.

Following the 34th day of Betclic ELITE, which saw Strasbourg cap Gravelines-Dunkirk and Paris on the post, we know the table of the 2023 playoffs of Betclic ELITE. Like last year, AS Monaco will challenge the SIG. Behind, the Metropolitans 92 will find Cholet at whom they recently lost. Victor Wembanyama’s team will have the advantage of the field in the event of a semi-final against ASVEL, which will avoid Roca Team until a possible final. But before these stages, the reigning French champions will have to do Le Mans in the quarter-finals, which will not be easy. In the last quarter-final, which appears to be the tightest on paper, Dijon will have the home advantage against JL Bourg. A duel that promises! Apart from the first leg between Monaco and SIG, scheduled for May 24, the quarter-finals will begin on Saturday May 20.

The table of the 2023 playoffs of Betclic ELITE:

  • Monaco (1st) v Strasbourg (8th)
  • Metropolitan 92 (2nd) vs Cholet (7th)
  • ASVEL (3rd) vs Le Mans (6th)
  • Dijon (4th) vs JL Bourg (5th)


May 16, 2023 at 11:05 am

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