Benzema drops appeal, sextape affair ends!

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This time it’s definitely over. Karim Benzema, crowned Eleven d’Or 2022 and still brilliant with the France team last night, ended a dark chapter in his life with the sextape affair. As announced by the Actu78 site, the Nueve will not go to trial in Versailles on June 30 and July 1, having waived its appeal.

Consequently, he will indeed be sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence, a fine of 75,000 euros and compensation of 80,000 euros paid to Mathieu Valbuena.

Benzema’s lawyer explains himself!

Asked by L’Equipe, the Real Madrid star’s lawyer mentioned the reasons for his client’s decision: “My client is exhausted by this procedure. This withdrawal ratifies a decision of condemnation and apparently guilt. It is a legal truth. But this is not the reality. Karim Benzema will always claim his innocence in this case and he never wanted to participate in a blackmail operation against Mathieu Valbuena” did he declare.

He then went on to mention “a deep sense of injustice“, “a real weariness (at Benzema)“as he thinks”that this new hearing would not change anything and that he would not be judged as he (Benzema) should be“.

to summarize

The sextape affair ended while Karim Benzema dropped his appeal. The French international will therefore not travel to Versailles on June 30 and July 1 for the trial. He will therefore be sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence.

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