“Believe me, you don’t want to be in Saint-Denis, it’s not the same as Paris…”: Thierry Henry’s statement is controversial

Invited on the set of Paramount Plus, the former striker of the Blues wanted to let the international know that the Stade de France was not in Paris, but in Saint-Denis, irritating the mayor of the city in passing.

Referring to the final of the Champions League 2021/2022, which will take place at the Stade de France, Thierry Henry insisted heavily on the fact that “Saint-Denis is not Paris”.

“Believe me, you don’t want to be in Saint-Denis, it’s not the same as Paris…”, maintained the former Blues striker as he spoke on an American streaming platform.

Words that disturbed the mayor of the city of Saint-Denis, Mathieu Hanotin, who was quick to respond to the consultant. “The contempt with which you have characterized our city is not acceptable. We are not Paris, but we are not infrequent for all that. The situation of the suburbs today is the result of a concentration of poverty on the outskirts of Paris and an abandonment of the State for working-class neighborhoods for many years. This failure of public policies should not be a pretext for ridicule from well-known personalities”he wrote on his Facebook page, among other things.

The declaration has in any case divided on social networks… Some Internet users considering that Thierry Henry’s precision was correct, others believing that it did not describe reality and stigmatized a city and its population.

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