Batlles: “I can’t explain it to myself”

Laurent Batlles:I don’t explain it. I had asked to be as serious as possible given the first half that we had done. Afterwards, the first goal conceded is a header from a corner that we can perhaps avoid. The second on the other hand we are countered on the outside while we are leading two to one, it is not normal. We could be sixth tonight, that’s more or less the goal we had set ourselves given that the others were too far behind and in the end tonight we’re tenth. (…) No, I don’t think it’s a lack of seriousness. We were totally serious for a while, maybe we thought it was going to be fine with the few chances we had at the start of the second half. We take a goal from a set piece when we don’t even know if there is a corner or not and behind we are countered while we are leading, which must not happen.

Nevertheless, Laurent Batlles considers that not everything is to be thrown away in this meeting: “Overall, we created a lot of chances, we could have scored more goals, we could have done better. We had opportunities to score more, it’s a shame not to come back with the three points tonight. It’s a shame because over 80 minutes I don’t have the impression that we are really in danger. (…) We had known for a while what she was capable of doing (the Krasso – Wadji pair, editor’s note). Afterwards, Ibra’ (Wadji) has two or three chances to score more, JP sees one of his shots saved on the line… I’m both happy with what we showed, but disappointed that we didn’t bring back not the three points because I think they deserve it and so do the fans. There is a bit of frustration, it’s a shame to finish at 2-2.”

Nevertheless, Laurent Batlles does not want to stigmatize newcomers: “No, I’m not going to stigmatize anyone, choices have been made, things have happened. Everyone had to be given playing time. Afterwards, the players know if they were good or not. There was an emulation that took place in the group, we must reward a whole workforce already maintained two days from the end and who have one last game to play at home.”

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