Barça is ruined, Laporta wants to fire Pique

Always forced to reduce its payroll, FC Barcelona seems ready to do anything to achieve its ends. The Catalan club would even be willing to push Gerard Pique into retirement so as not to have to pay his expected income until 2024.

FC Barcelona may display great ambitions on the transfer market, but its economic difficulties have not disappeared. La Liga boss Javier Tebas has recently issued a warning to the Blaugrana, who he deems unable to sign Robert Lewandowski at present. Suffice to say that Barca did not appreciate this public statement. But the leader’s exit shows how urgent the situation already is. Moreover, the Spanish press understands that the vice-champion of Spain is working to unlock his transfer window.

For starters, president Joan Laporta is trying to strike deals with partners to boost the club’s revenue. As for the transfer market, the decision-makers try to push the undesirables out. And apparently manager Gerard Pique would not be spared. Indeed, Barça plans to ask its players for a further drop in salary after those obtained during the health crisis. But according to the TV3 channel, the central defender would be forced into retirement! Because at 35, the Spaniard, obviously impossible to sell, no longer has the performance or the physical condition necessary to justify his salary.

Barca want to save €80m

The player who finished the season in the infirmary must still receive 80 million euros gross during his last two years of contract. A huge amount for the finances of the club, which surely has not forgotten the old declarations of Gerard Pique. In the past, the Blaugrana had assured that he did not want to end his career as a substitute. And that he was willing to leave if he became a problem for his training club. This moment may have come sooner than he expected. In any case, after announcing that he did not have a penny to extend Lionel Messi a year ago, Barça nevertheless spent as rarely to pay for Ferran Torres (55 ME), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Adama Traoré , to push up the wage bill again. To the point of being unable to sign Robert Lewandowski this summer?

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