Ayton’s situation with Suns coach ‘calm’ in 1st interview since Game 7

Deandre Ayton says his relationship with Suns coach Monty Williams is “calm” in the first interview since their verbal exchange in Phoenix’s final game of the 2021-22 season.

Ayton didn’t reveal in an ESPN story what was said between him and Williams in the second half of a 33-points loss in Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals to the Dallas Mavericks back in May.

“Game 7 was an anomaly,” Ayton said in an ESPN’s Andscape story written by Marc J. Spears in his first interview since Game 7 as he wasn’t made available by the Suns after Game 7. “We let that get away from us as a team. That is all in the past. We’re going to look forward. We are going to move on.”

Williams took Ayton out of the game with 8:24 left in the third quarter and the top-seeded Suns down, 70-32.

Ayton only played 17 minutes in scoring a career playoff-low five points.

After the game, Williams was asked why Ayton only played 17 minutes.

“It’s internal,” Williams said after Game 7.

Two months later, Williams described the Game 7 loss as a “bad day,” but there aren’t any comments in the story from him either on what was said between him and Ayton in their verbal spat.

“I didn’t feel like I had to say anything. I was just doing my job,” Williams said in the story. “We had a bad day, but we had an unbelievable season. Unfortunately, in sports and even in society, we focus on the one bad thing. It hurts like crazy, and it still hurts. It was embarrassing to play that way, but as the dust settles and I look at the season from a holistic perspective, I look at all the good stuff that happened.”

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