Augsburg – Stade Rennes: Bruno Genesio, the measured speech

While he should compose without recruits in defense for his 3rd preparation match, Bruno Genesio does not panic in front of the press, and displays a reassuring speech.

“It is useless to fall into catastrophism or to be alarmist. » Coming out of a victory against Caen (2-1) on Wednesday evening, Bruno Genesio reminded us of the (good) memory of the start of last season. Almost exactly 10 months ago, the coach was at a press conference at Roazhon Park. Defeated in Marseille, Stade Rennes did not lead well for their start to the season, and the match against Clermont on September 22 already seemed like a cleaver. “Do not fall into catastrophism” repeated Genesio. The next day, Rennes slapped Clermont 6-0 and began their best series of the season.

Constant speech

The context is quite different today. With a workforce with an uncertain future for some executives, Genesio must above all compose without certainties in the central hinge. Aguerd left for West Ham, Omari injured until the end of the year, Badé and Belocian are the pair for the moment, assisted by Françoise and G.Doué intermittently. And Loic Badé’s good match against Caen on Wednesday will not be enough to reassure the supporters who for almost two months have seen a multitude of names circulating: Wout Faes, Fabien Centonze, Abdou Diallo, Pape Abou Cissé, Kaan Ayhan, Samuel Umtiti, Marco Senesi, Morato or even Tanguy Kouassi, so many rumors more or less founded (if at all), so that no recruit has pointed the tip of his nose on July 22.

The biggest soap opera of the summer obviously remains Kim Min-Jae, whose arrival is constantly being announced via social networks, while despite increased competition from Naples, Genesio remains optimistic. “I’m still confident yes. » he confided two days ago. “It’s a bit annoying. We need to work, we know that the hinge needs automation. For the moment we are not doing what we would like but that is one of the things we have to manage. »


By finally signing an extension to 1er July, Genesio had been assured of certain guarantees, in particular at the level of the project of the competitiveness of the SRFC in the future. That same day, the coach had confirmed the desire to recruit two central defenders, the “big priority”. Not worried, the technician added that “If in 3 weeks, there are no recruits, I won’t tell you the same thing. » Three weeks later, he still holds this speech of appeasement, in public. “My role is also to be reassuring, to send signals to those who are there, to make them progress. It will be beneficial either way. »

Because this is where Genesio’s touch has been since his arrival in Rennes. Where fervor and concern can put many of the club’s followers on alert in the face of an objectively urgent situation in this sector of play, two weeks before the first day of Ligue 1, the coach chooses moderation and appeasement . “We know that players will arrive. When ? I do not know. In the meantime, what is important is to work well. Today, Loic worked well, the youngsters too. It will be time saved for the future. »

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