at 45, veteran Gianluigi Buffon continues to impress his world

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Exactly 28 years ago, a young goalkeeper by the name of Gianluigi Buffon slowly imposed himself in the goals of Parma, one of the popular teams in Serie A. From now on, the daily life of the Crociati is more complicated with a second season in a row in Serie B (Italian second division). For his goalkeeper, the story is quite different. Having become a legend with Juventus and Italy, Gianluigi Buffon has marked the last three decades of football and is one of the very best goalkeepers in history. He can even be considered the number one as his impact on football is felt. However, the hour of retirement has not yet come for Gianluigi Buffon.

Returning to Parma in 2021, he played 26 matches last year and 16 this season where he will have been on the flank for a long time for a hamstring injury. But since then, he has become essential again with 11 matches played out of the last 13 possible. And with him, Parma continues to achieve an interesting season. Fifth in Serie A, Parma (5th, 52 points) will not go up directly since Frosinone (1st, 71 points) has already validated its promotion and Genoa (2nd, 67 points) is on track to do so. Nevertheless, the third ticket will be decided via the play-offs and you will have to be positioned between 3rd and 8th place. Which is the case for Parma even if the third and fourth avoid the quarter-finals of the play-offs and the Gialloblu will try to get Südtirol (4th, 54 points).

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Still under contract until 2024

Author of 3 clean sheets in 15 Serie B matches, Gianluigi Buffon retains good remains and the results of his season are positive with the exception of his injury. During the season, he notably amazed his world against Inter Milan in the round of 16 of the Italian Cup. Despite the 2-1 defeat after extra time, he delivered a reassuring performance in front of his line and pushed the limits for a 45-year-old goalkeeper. Moreover, retirement does not seem imminent for Gianluigi Buffon, whose contract with Parma still binds him until June 2024. He will then be 46 years old if he goes to the end of his lease and nothing. does not say that this one will not be extended again.

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Asked by Sports Sundayhe does not see himself putting his gloves away as long as the desire and the will to shine are still present: “I’ve always enjoyed getting involved in causes that belong to me. This was the case at Juventus for 20 years, then at PSG for a year, which I spent with enthusiasm and passion, even more so for Parma. Ten years lived there, then the separation and I came back at 43 years old. It’s something exciting. emotion produces energy and I still have a lot to spare. If my body is still holding up, I have no reason to stop. The only thing that could stop me would be boredom, but that can only happen when Parma is back in Serie A and I have no other goals. Always driven by the desire to win and reach new heights, the Gianluigi Buffon monument continues to shine in transalpine football.

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