ASM Clermont with Jules Plisson at the opening against Stade Français

After four trips, which can mostly be described as painful (one victory for three defeats), Clermont returns home and finds, for the occasion, some of its senior players.

Yato, two months later

Four players are indeed making their return to competition, four leaders of Christophe Urios’ team. First, Yato, the one who undoubtedly most symbolized the start of the new coach’s adventure.

After the game in Montpellier on March 4, the Fijian suffered a thigh injury and hasn’t been able to play since. Against Paris, this Saturday, he will start in the second line, a position where Lavanini, Jedrasiak (not to mention Vahaamahina) are still missing.

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Yato will be associated with Lanen, who is about to explode his playing time counter: 11th tenure since the arrival of Urios in charge.

ASM will also be able to count this weekend on the return of its captain Iturria, who has been absent for six weeks after his hamstring muscle injury. Simone returns from suspension and Penaud also returns to the team after her calf glitch.

Plisson at the Belleau relay

After eight games started on the bench, the former Parisian Plisson will put on number 10 against the club with which he was champion of France (2015).

Explanations from Christophe Urios on this choice at the opening. “After his last matches, Antho (Belleau) needs to breathe. It’s true that Jules (Plisson) didn’t attack much with me, even if he answered present against LOU and Castres (note: the two matches where Plisson has started since the arrival of Urios). Afterwards, when I arrive, I choose to seat a player in this position. Anthony did it well, there, it will do him good to be on the bench.”

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Regarding Plisson, the Clermont coach also justifies the emotional side. “For Jules, Stade Français is obviously close to his heart. He wants to play a great game. And tactically, his long footwork seems quite interesting to me against this opponent.”

The XV Clermont:
Newsome; Penaud, Simon, Rack, Shelf; (o) Plisson, (m) Yellow; Van Tonder, Lee, Iturria (captain); Yato, Lanen; Slimani, Fourcade, Falcon.
Replacements: Jules Rosette, Beria, Cancoriet, Dessaigne, Bézy, Belleau, Hériteau, Kubriashvili.

Christophe Buron

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