Are these the new Utah Jazz jerseys?

With all the drama going on in Jazzland right now with Quin Snyder stepping down, Donovan Mitchell feeling unsettled, and daily trade rumors for Rudy Gobert. It’s nice to get some news that breaks things up. According to the Jazz Nation News fanpage, these are the jerseys that will be revealed with the new Utah Jazz rebrand.

These have been floating around for a few months but, if this is true, it looks like the colors and style have been locked in. It’s also interesting from this tweet that June 16th is the reveal.

Now, take this post with a grain of salt because this could all be completely falso, but it definitely feels like these are what we’re going to see revealed next week. They’re pretty simple, but I personally kind of like them. A simple, clean look to me is always best. To be honest, the most important thing is who’s playing in the jersey, which we’re still not sure about with the turmoil going on with the team.

What do you think, Jazz fans? Are you fans of the new jerseys?


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