Andre Drummond Discusses Mental Strength Needed to Play for Lakers

Andre Drummond’s time with the Lakers was short, playing in only 21 games to finish out the season last year, but it made an impact on him. The center explained that he learned how different it is playing for a team like Los Angeles with such high expectations, even if it wasn’t for long.

“Yeah the Lakers is exactly what you think it is man,” Drummond said, via Jefe Island. “You gotta be built differently to play for that organization. You gotta be mentally strong not even just on the court, but off the court too because there’s so much expectations to being a Laker and putting that purple and gold on.”

Drummond added that Lakers fans are also a unique group, confirming that they get on players who they think aren’t performing to the standard. However, Drummond understands why fans have that mindset.


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