And here is the new start of the 13 in Augusta!

This time for sure, players of the next Masters in Augusta in April 2023 will discover a new remote teeing ground on Azalea the emblematic par 5 hole n°13 of Augusta National.

This is one of the most spectacular holes of Augusta National’s return. It is part of what is called the Amen Corner, the legendary 11, 12, 13 sequence. But with its 466 meters this par 5 has struggled to defend itself for a few years against the new generation of players who drive quite regularly more than 300 meters away.

Some even do not hesitate to cut over the trees on the left, above Rae’s Creek and very often there is only a small club left to reach the green in two.

Even players less renowned for their power from the tee can reach the green with an iron quite comfortably and the committee of the famous tournament has finally decided to lengthen the left dogleg.

It is the twitter account of Eureka Earth, an aerial imagery service based in Georgia, which has once again published the first photos.

The new starting area is complete. It is located on what used to be the fairway of 9 Augusta Country Club, the neighboring club, before the Augusta National Golf Club acquired this piece of land to lengthen the hole by approximately 45 meters.


Eureka Earth posted photos of the work in progress earlier this year. This did not fail to arouse the curiosity of observers.

It should be noted that the 13 had previously been modified in 2002, and the starting tee had already been moved back about 25 meters to resist the overpowering of the Tiger Woods of the 2000s, in a move that had been described as “Tiger-Proof”.

Before the 2022 edition last April, the 11th and 15th were both extended.

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