An incredible opportunity for Milik?

Holder and disappointing in the first two Ligue 1 matches with OM, Arek Milik could be offered a great opportunity during this summer transfer window…

According to the media Fichajes, Real Madrid are looking for a double in Karim Benzema and have checked the name of Milik. The France international has no competition and Mariano Díaz is the only substitute but lacks the confidence of Carlo Ancelotti.

Real want Milik as Benzema understudy?

While the names of Edinson Cavani or Timo Werne have been mentioned, “Real Madrid could find a more than interesting option for their striker in the French Ligue 1, and more specifically at Olympique de Marseille, where Polish striker Arkadiusz Milik will not be retained. » The media specifies that this operation does not imply too high an economic investment for Real. Indeed, an amount of 20M€ is mentioned…

For former Olympique de Marseille player Jean-Charles De Bono, the Polish striker from Marseille is going through a difficult period that can happen to any footballer. According to our consultant, Milik does not fit in completely with the system put in place by Igor Tudor. De Bono still maintains his confidence in Milik, whom he still considers a real good football player capable of making a difference.

“Milik, whether we like him or not, he’s a real football player, a real goalscorer. He is a real technician, he knows football. The problem is that we don’t have this Milik currently in the field. I feel him disturbed. In this game system, he has a role that is very far from the goal. He doesn’t have enough good balls in the area, he missed a lot of things but we don’t serve him enough. I think he’s slipping away from his preferred position because he’s not well at the moment. When you’re not physically well, you tend to either do too much or not do enough. You’re not in the right tempo. You’re upside down. That’s what’s happening to Milik today. This does not take away its qualities. We know that he is a good player for delivery, that he is precise in the last gesture. We cannot say today that he is a bad player. You have to help him to get better. » Jean-Charles De Bono – Source: Marseille Football Club (09/15/2022)

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