Already a first disagreement between OM and Tudor

After Olympique de Marseille lost to Middlesbrough 2-0, Tudor told The Team that he did not agree with the rhythm and the choice of the preparation matches which would explain, at least in part, the defeats of OM during this pre-season.

Defeated in the north of England, against Middlesbrough, OM worried their supporters during this preparation. If Tudor was not worried at the end of the meeting and wanted to reassure, he then questioned the choice of opponents made by his management. According to him, the team cannot perform given the physical effort he asks of them during training sessions.

Indeed, in Italy, the clubs favor significant physical preparation and matches against less competitive teams so as not to exhaust the players. Tudor accustomed to this type of pre-season, must adapt to the choice made by his management, probably planned in relation to the preparation desired by Sampaoli, before his unexpected departure. Tudor has therefore chosen not to adapt its preparation to the organization of the matches already scheduled.

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The preparation continues!

Middlesbrough and Norwich were further along in their preparations. However, Bétis Sevilla and AC Milan started their preparation a little later and will perhaps be in the same physical condition as the Olympians, but are teams of a much higher level than the last opponents of OM.

It remains to be seen whether the Marseille players will succeed in adapting to the program of the Croatian technician. Rather dominant in the first half in the last two games, OM surely hope to be able to continue their efforts throughout their next match and finally find the net.

“I would have chosen less difficult matches” – Tudor

If you want intensity right from the start of games this year, we have to train that way in the summer. I didn’t choose this sequence of matches (against already experienced teams), it was imposed on me. If we had decided, with our type of preparation, I would have chosen less difficult matches. It’s not to justify this performance, it’s just my point of view. » Igor Tudor Source: The Team (07/23/2022)

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