‘Almost won’ – Danica Patrick reveals her fondest memory when she made history as a driver

Motorsport has always been one of those areas where men have dominated this sphere. Although it has been a misconception for years that motorsport is not for women. But slowly and steadily that notion was shattered, especially in NASCAR as women made their way into the racing world.

Since 1970, NASCAR has witnessed the arrival of female drivers trying to make their mark just like their male counterparts, competing in various formats like NASCAR and IndyCar.

But making progress in one of the most competitive and physically demanding sports is anything but easy. Whether it’s gaining exposure or finding sponsors, female drivers face several hurdles. Although things have changed over time. And Danica Patrick is one of those drivers who has proven what it takes to win in a male-dominated sport.


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Danica Patrick makes an emotional revelation on her Instagram account

Although there were people who argued for the inclusion of more women in racing, there were a few who voted against it, Richard Petty being one such dissenter. As revealed in a report by ESPN in 2006, he revealed, “I just don’t think this is a sport for women and so far it has proven itself. This is really not the case. It’s good for them to come in. It gives us a lot of publicity, it gives them publicity.

But since then, the world has changed a lot, and so has NASCAR. There are full-time female drivers who participate in the Truck Series. And among the list of female pilots, it is Danica Patrick who has it at the highest level. She was the last driver to compete in the Daytona 500, in 2018.

But the exploits of this former JR Motorsports driver do not stop there. She made history after winning the 2008 Indy Japan 300 and being the only female driver to do so to date. After putting in fierce performances, the star driver finally bid farewell to racing in 2017.

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But even after saying goodbye, memories of the past still come to revisit themselves in the present, through nostalgia and reminiscences. And apparently, Patrick feels such nostalgia that she posted a short clip on her Instagram.

In the photo, she posted a portrait of her and her father kissing. She also added the lines, “My favorite photo of all time…Dad and I when I got out of the car after my first Indy 500 and almost won.”

There is no doubt that parents are the greatest support system a child can ever ask for. And Danica Patrick has one of the best, who has always guided and supported her since the start of her racing career.

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Not only a successful driver, but also a dedicated girl


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The former racecar was quick to acknowledge the selfless support she received from her parents. She also took to Instagram on Mother’s Day and expressed her gratitude to her mother and also her sister Brooke.

Along with being a dedicated girl, the successful driver also hosts her own podcast, “Pretty Intense,” where she talks about a range of topics, from mental health to lifestyle plans. She hosts a variety of guests on her podcast, from all walks of life, including veteran driver Jimmie Johnson to Michelin chef Bobby Flay.


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The former IndyCar driver is surely an inspiration to many women. She has proven that there is nothing that can stand between her and her dreams. Many drivers in the current season are trying and yearning to be her. She surely affirmed the fact that there is nothing that women cannot achieve in this world.

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