Algeria-Cameroon: A plot denounced

A month after Algeria’s defeat against Cameroon in the 2022 World Cup play-offs, the idea of ​​a plot is gaining ground in the country of the Fennecs.

Algeria is not taking off. More than a month has passed since the disastrous March 29 and the elimination of the Fennecs in the World Cup play-offs. Beaten 2-1 at Blida by Cameroon after winning 1-0 in the first leg, Djamel Belmadi’s men were crucified in added time in extra time. But more than the scenario of the match, it is the arbitration of Bakary Gassama, considered scandalous by the president of the Federation, that the Algerians did not digest.

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The FAF also quickly filed an appeal with FIFA and is awaiting the response from the international body. The Algerian camp wants to be confident, convinced of having a solid file, even “concrete”, according to the Minister of Sports. And according to the journalist, Algeria would have proof that Bakary Gassama would have met representatives of Samuel Eto’o, the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation, in the days preceding the meeting. What to say to the journalist of beIN Sport, surprised by the press release published by Fecafoot after the remarks made by Djamel Belmadi, that Algeria had possibly been the victim of a plot.

I remain convinced of the plot

Frankly, the reaction of Cameroonians via an official statement is exaggerated. I suspect a plot against the National Team, where Gassama would have played an important rolehe launched, Thursday. But what fly stung the faecafoot? At no time Belmadi didn’t quote her, so why such a reaction on her part? Why has Gassama been appointed to officiate Cameroon matches twice in the space of just two months? These are questions that open the door to speculation as to a probable conspiracy between all parties.. »

And the Algerian journalist to clarify his point, Friday. The Algerian file contains no evidence. And there is little chance that the outcome will be in our favor. But I remain convinced of the plot»he confided, adding: The last 20 matches that Gassama has refereed, you will notice that he has refereed many matches of clubs and selection of only one federation. And he refereed Cameroon twice. What to ask questions. It raises doubts but not proof.»

Before being at the whistle of Algeria-Cameroon, Bakary Gassama had officiated during the semi-final of the CAN between Egypt and Cameroon. And despite the qualification of the Pharaohs for the final, the Egyptian goalkeeper had also complained about the Gambian referee. ” I swear to you that before the start of the match between Egypt and Cameroon in the African Cup, the referee Gassama came to see us in the locker room and said to us: You are going to lose today, you are going to lose “, he had thus lamented.

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