After the Charles Leclerc fiasco, Evan Fournier asks the big question!

@charles_leclerc / NBA (DR)

The French Grand Prix has been in the headlines recently, especially because of the new controversy around Charles Leclerc. Even NBA players got involved, starting with Evan Fournier. The latter has also launched a great debate on Twitter with his tweet, asking the question that all Formula 1 followers have been asking themselves tirelessly for many months…

Starting from pole position during the French GP this weekend, Charles Leclerc had every chance of scoring another victory and getting closer to Max Verstappen in the driver standings. Unfortunately for the Monegasque, the day at Le Castellet ended in terrible disappointment for the Ferrari driver. One more. Leclerc indeed had to give up after a new glitch on his single-seater. It was therefore Max Verstappen who took the victory – enough to make the driver of the scuderia :

Fournier stunned after the new failure of Charles Leclerc

It is already the third time that the Ferrari driver has finished without a single point following a race this season, which seriously penalizes him in the general classification. This trend, which is worrying to say the least, leaves one wondering, including among athletes from other disciplines. Faced with this new setback, Evan Fournier, for example, had trouble understanding the “why and how”, to the point of asking THE question (that everyone is finally asking) to his most specialist fans.

From what we could hear from the radio communication, the problem would lie with the accelerator pedal. However, this had already posed a problem two weeks ago during the Austrian GP, ​​even though Leclerc had emerged victorious. A rather dramatic technical defect, therefore, for such a prestigious team… The latter was not spared by Internet users, who did not hesitate to set fire to the Ferrari scuderia in response to Fournier’s tweet.

Like Evan Fournier, it’s hard to know why Charles Leclerc’s single-seater is so cursed this year. Ferrari finds itself in the eye of the storm, and the tifosi are starting to lose patience… The consequences are in any case severe, so much so that these repeated losses of points could cost the Monegasque the crown.

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