Adriano Panatta reveals how he felt about Rafael Nadal wearing sleeveless shirts

1976 French Open champion Adriano Panatta admits he is not really a fan of seeing tennis players wearing sleeveless shirts as he believes those are more suitable for sports like basketball and volleyball. In 2005, an 18-year-old Nadal – wearing a sleveless shirt – introduced himself to the tennis world by winning the French Open.

In recent years, world No. 2 Alexander Zverev has also worn sleeveless shirts during some events. In an interview with Sette, Panatta was asked to share his thoughts on Nadal wearing a tank top and then Zverev following the Spaniard.

“The tank top cannot be looked at. It’s fine for basketball, it’s fine for volleyball, but you can’t look at the tank top in tennis,” Panatta said.

Nadal returned to wearing a sleeveless shirt at the 2019 Australian Open

In the January of 2019, Nadal surprised when he decided to get back to wearing a sleeveless shirt at the Australian Open.

After one of his wins, tennis legend John McEnroe asked Nadal to explain what prompted him to wear a sleeveless shirt once again. “Why have you gone back to the sleeveless shirt?” McEnroe asked. “I have small issues when I’m playing in very high temperature conditions, when I hit my forehand, so I like to play without the sleeves,” Nadal responded.

“It makes me feel younger again.” Meanwhile, Nadal is preparing to kick off his North American hard court swing campaign in Montreal. A week ago, Montreal Masters tournament director Eugene Lepierre confirmed Nadal plans to compete at the tournament which starts on August 7 .

“Nadal really wants to come to Montreal and his hotel rooms are already booked,” Lapierre revealed. “He was sent a crate of balls to use during the tournament to prepare. He should return to training on Monday.”

While Lepierre confirmed Nadal’s participation in Montreal, he also confirmed Zverev would be skipping this year’s event as he is still recovering from an ankle surgery.

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