A completely crazy scenario for the US Concarneau against Bourg-en-Bresse!

Back twice and 11 against 10 throughout the second half, US Concarneau won on a goal by Rabillard in added time (90’+3).

National (33rd day). Concarneau-Bourg-en-Bresse: 3-2

Under the eyes of coach Didier Deschamps and in a sold-out Guy-Piriou stadium (5,800 spectators) for the second time in a row, US Concarneau won a match with a completely crazy scenario against Bourg-en-Bresse, with the winning goal in added time (90’+3) then a free kick from Burgien Ezikian which smashed Pattier’s crossbar three minutes later…

What cause an invasion of the lawn. Because with this victory, US Concarneau finds itself at the top of the championship with Dunkirk with 59 points and two points ahead of Martigues and Red Star. A victory in Orleans on the last day will in any case give him his ticket to Ligue 2.

The red card taken by Bourg-en-Bresse. (Photo Nicolas Creach)

However, nothing was easy against Bressans who were able to make more impact in the first half. They also exploited two blunders from Concarneau: a central pass from Etuin to Traoré intercepted by Lopy who found the inevitable Rivas at the far post (0-1, 5′). Then a ball scratched again in the axis and in the feet of Sinquin which benefited Najim who left to shoot Pattier (1-2, 31 ‘).

Red card and penalty: the turning point of the match

Between these two goals, US Concarneau came back to score for the first time thanks to an acceleration from Boutrah who found Traoré at the far post (1-1, 11′). The same Boutrah could also have given the advantage to his team if he had not gotten tangled in his dribble alone against Lhostis (27 ‘) after a caviar from Camblan. For the Thoniers, the turning point of the match came just before the break, with a red card logically inflicted on Rivierez for an elbow in the face of Camblan who was infiltrating the axis of the surface with El Khoumisti.

Soccer.  National season 2022-2023 Stade Guy Piriou in Concarneau (29) on May 19, 2023US Concarneau - Bourg-PéronnasThe joy of the Concarnois following the 2nd goal scored by FAHD EL KHOUMISTIphoto Nicolas
Fah El Khoumisti scored the second goal for US Concarneau. (Photo Nicolas Creach)

Despite his failure at Puy, National’s top scorer converted the penalty following a foul and scored his 15th goal of the season, his twelfth in the blue jersey of the Thoniers.

Eleven against ten throughout the second half, US Concarneau pushed to score a third goal, finally snatched in added time by Rabillard who entered the game 13 minutes earlier. Perhaps the purpose of the climb…


Referee: Mr Delpech.

Spectators: 5,800 (sold out).

BUT. Concarneau: Traoré (11′), El Khoumisti (45′ sp), Rabillard (90+3′); Bourg: Rivers (5′), Najim (31′).

Warnings. Concarneau: Traoré (60′) Jannez (90+4′); Bourg: Gerbeaud (90′), Lhostis (90+2′).

Exclusion. Bourg: Rivièrez (44′).

US CONCARNEAU: Pattier – Georgen, Jannez, Paro, Sans – Traoré (Mannaï, 73′), Sinquin (Lebeau, 63′), Etuin -? El Khoumisti (Gope-Fenepej, 80′), Boutrah (Rabillard, 80′), Camblan. Trainer: S. Le Mignan.

BOURG-EN-BRESSE. L’Hostis -?Rivierez, Morante, Dekoke, Fischer – Lopy – Najim (Morel, 71′), Mille (Ezikian, 84′), Eickmayer, Ponti -? Rivas (Gerbeaud, 75′). Trainer: P. Moulin.

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