6 ft Allen Iverson claims he would have gone 82-0 if Michael Jordan and $400 million superstar as teammates

A few years back, Allen Iverson revealed his all-time big three and stated how the trio would end up going 82-0.

Allen Iverson is one of the greatest players we’ve witnessed set foot on the NBA hardwood. Despite being an undersized combo-guard, the 6-footer had an incredibly deep offensive arsenal and was the true definition of “heart over height”.

Having shifty handles and an efficient jump shot, AI was a nightmare for even the most elite defenders. After the conclusion of his 14-year career, the prolific scorer had built up quite the illustrious resume – 11 All-Star appearances, 7 All-NBA selections, 4 scoring titles, the 1997 ROY, and even the 2001 MVP.

Despite being a generational talent, Iverson is always criticized for not having a championship under his belt.

Now, several fans claim that “The Answer” was never surrounded with the perfect support system to help him win a title.

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What squad would Allen have wanted to win the chip? Well, according to Iverson, a trio of him alongside two other legends would end up going 82-0.

“Me, Michael Jordan, and Shaquille O’Neal”: Allen Iverson

Back in 2015, years after his retirement, AI sat with Bleacher Report’s Chris Palmer for an interesting interview.

As one of the wide range of questions, the interviewer asked the Sixers legend:

Your all-time Big Three?

To this, Iverson stated that a trio of him, Michael Jordanand Shaquille O’Nealwith the interviewer sharing the backcourt, and any other 5th player, would end up having a flawless season. Palmer wrote:

“Wow,” he says dreamily. “Me, Mike and Shaq.” He looks at me. “We’d go 82-0 even with you in the backcourt.”

Shaq, Mike, and Iverson are three of the game’s greatest. In their respective ways, these icons left a mark on the sport and managed to revolutionize the NBA.

These superstars were inhumanly talented and could score the ball at will. With 40 All-Star appearances, 32 All-NBA selections, 6 scoring titles, and 7 MVPs shared between them, this trio would be one of the most deadly ones. More than likely that this trio could actually end up going 82-0.

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