110-96 win over valiant Grizzlies

Memphis will have resisted well, but sometimes fate is stronger than reason. The Grizzlies were there, fought like hell, but not enough to calm the ardor of the Splash Brothers and their entourage. A victory for the Warriors, 110-96, which allows them to be the first team from the West qualified for the Conference Final.

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In life, there are things that are inevitable. Among them, the clutchitude of the Warriors in the Playoffs is one of them. Golden State had a chance to finish that trap streak against the Grizzlies at home tonight, well they did. At the center of this victory, of course the Splash Bros, in particular Klay Thompson who found his magnificent shot with 30 points at 11/22 shooting and 8/14 from 3-pointers. Steph Curry also scored well, but at much lower percentages (29 points at 37% on shoot). Around, everyone brought their stone to the building against a team of Oursons who never gave up. Draymond Green, always a nightmare in defense for the players opposite, was more enterprising in attack with a greater numerical contribution than usual. Kevon Looney impressed with his rebound draw. The guy thought he was Joel Embiid or Giannis Antetokounmpo with 22 rebounds recovered, half of which in the opponent’s racket. Finally, Andrew Wiggins ultra clutch at the end of the match stalled the good three points when necessary. He participates in the end of the game run which buries Memphis: a violent 21-3 executed by Golden State in the second part of the fourth time, when the Warriors simply say “no guys, no Game 7, we’re going to the final of conf'”.

Yet Memphis had held up so well. Dillon Brooks as a leader, well supported by a found Desmond Bane, keeps his people in the game. In sequence, the Grizzlies even pass in front of the image of the second quarter. The Bears take heat and send a small 14-0 against lost and clumsy Warriors. Not enough to panic the leaders of Oakland who are restoring order in the shop. In the third quarter, it does not let go of the gaze, the two teams go blow for blow. At best, the Warriors led by six points before being caught. Likewise until halfway through the last quarter. The rest, we know: Golden State will slam a champion run and Memphis will (once again) crack in the money time. The experience of the Dubs will therefore once again have tilted the outcome of the meeting on the side of the players in the golden jersey. The Stephs, Klays and Draymonds had understood that the Oursons should not be given hope of returning to their lair and they did not fail.

The Warriors are doing well against a valiant Grizzlies team who will long regret the absence of their star in the second half of the series. Unfortunately, that’s the hard law of the Playoffs. This young group from Memphis will definitely be back with a big appetite next year. In the meantime, Golden State is in the Conference Final and is waiting for Phoenix or Dallas who will play their Game 7 this Sunday.

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