🚨 Despite Wadji, ASSE is joined on the wire in Caen

Laurent Batlles operates change for this meeting with the tenure of Sow to the detriment of Appiah. Between, Moueffek And Form are preferred to Monconduit and Bouchouari. In front, no change on the other hand with the association again Krasso Ouadji.

After ten minutes of observation between the two teams, it was the Caennais who obtained the first situation: the Stéphanois were caught on their right side, To research is at the reception of a center back and shoots. This one passes right next to the goal kept by Larsonneur. A quarter of an hour into the game, it was finally the Stéphanois who opened the scoring: the Caen defense forgot Krasso behind his back, the Ivorian striker serves Ouadji in the surface. The latter controls and connects with a nice shot close to the post to give the advantage to the Greens (0-1, 16th). A few minutes later, Ouadji has a huge opportunity to achieve a double: launched in depth, he comes face to face pride but opens his foot too much and does not find the frame. It’s only a postponement since a few moments later we take the same ones and we start again: Krasso subtly find Ouadji in the space. The Senegalese striker does not ask questions and shoots Mandrea with a half-volley (0-2, 24th). Twelfth goal of the season for Ouadjiso many assists for Krasso at this point in the game. The Greens are very good in this first period and Krasso shines: the Stéphanois striker still catches a cold in the Normandy defense before serving Moueffek back whose shot is blocked. Despite a scare from a set piece in added time in the first half, the Greens returned to the locker room with a two-goal lead at halftime.

input, Ibrahim Waji is not far from the hat-trick by scratching a ball in the feet of the Norman defense and by presenting himself against pride but the Norman goalkeeper wins his duel. The Greens are still the most enterprising in this game: Chambost delivers a nice center in the area, this one is pushed back by the Caen defense in the feet of Krasso. The resumption of the Ivorian striker is saved on his line by a Norman. Laurent Batlles decides to make a change after the hour mark with the entries of Bamba, Bouchouari and Monconduit. The first gets an opportunity as soon as it comes into play: Coffee struck, pride pushes back into the feet of Bamba whose shot is deflected in extremis by a defender. At the end of the match, it was finally the Caennais who came back into the game thanks to their home scorer: Alexandre Mendy is at the reception of a ball lost in the air following a corner. He manages to lob Larsonneur with his head to restart the match (1-2, 83rd). The Greens crack in two minutes: Bamba and Bouchouari knit and lose a ball in midfield. be is found at the entrance to the surface and equalizes with a nice flat foot (2-2, 85th). The Stéphanois are cornered on their goal at the end of the match but still manage to preserve the point of the draw which nevertheless retains a bitter taste.

SMC 2-2 ASSE (Halftime: 0-2)

Compo’: Larsonneur – Sow, Briançon, Petrot (79th Swimming) – Cafaro, Nkounkou, Moueffek (68th Bouchouari), Fomba (79th Lobry), Chambost (67th Monconduit) – Krasso, Wadji (67th Bamba)

Goals: Mendy (83rd) and Essende (85th) for Caen; Wadji x2 (16th), (24th) for ASSE

Cards: Ntim for Caen; Moueffek and Larsonneur for ASSE

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